Graduation time

Treat a new graduate to clear vision

OGI eyewear

We have a beautiful selection of OGI eyewear. Stop in to see, we are always adding new styles and colors.

New banner at the soccer fields

Our banner is up! Look for it at both the north and south fields.

New CL recycling program

We are please to take part in the recycling program with Bausch & Lomb and Terra Cycle. Help us reduce waste in landfills by recycling used contract lenses, blister packs and foil packaging. We will be doing this in the office and feel free to bring yours in, and we will recycle them for you.

  • Any brand!
  • Do not bring the outer cardboard box, that can go in your bin at home.


Happy Earth Day

Soccer Sponsor 2017

Sponsor- Kengo CMA Martial Arts Open

Eye Doc Barbie giveaway

Today is #BarbieDay and we are giving away Eye Doc Barbie! Post pics of your kids in glasses to enter!

Sunglass Clearance

Silhouette eye wear

Silhouette eye wear