Coming Soon! Ottica Veneta Eyewear, made in the mountains of italy.

Co-branded for the United States market, Ottica
Veneta and Lamarca join forces to bring clients a
special collection, made in Veneto, Italy.
Full of vibrant colors and interesting shapes.
Both brands have made their mark on the optical
industry by maintaining the highest standards in
quality, unique to Italy, and moreover, unique to
the Veneto region.
The OV+Lamarca brand is divided into 7 “families”:
Ceselli, Mosaico, Intagli, Fusioni, Policromie,
Profili and Scultura. Each family represents a
unique process of manufacturing and coloration.
Techniques such as fusion, diamond cut chiseling,
and layering of Mazzucchelli acetates allow for
an incomparable collection, appealing to those
fashionistas who value an unparalleled attention to
quality and detail. OV+Lamarca frames are stocked
in and serviced from Ottica Veneta’s headquarters
in Dallas, Texas.

The FUSIONI collection was designed to display the expressive
potential we can achieve in acetate eyewear using the bonding
technique. This is a complex process, requiring time and precision,
but it enables us to create infinite color combinations.

Our inspiration for the INTAGLI collection comes from the hand-crafted work of the French frames of the 1950s.This is made possible
by machines with numeric control that create extremely precise
incisions, enabling us to make modern acetate frames that reproduce
the technical skills of the master craftsmen of that bygone era.
Using this technique we are able to reveal the colors of the underlying
layers and the surfaces, with their incisions, create an iridescent effect
revealing ever more details..

More than just a name

Venice and it’s rich history, culture and architecture serve as the ultimate point of inspiration for

Sospiri eyewear. Named after the Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs), the brand embodies

the literal translation of breathtaking. Look no further than some of Sospiri’s most intricate designs to see the glory of this majestic city on water.

Blatantly Unique

  • Limited edition collection with each pair numbered
  • 100 pieces made per model
  • Entirely handmade in Italy by the artisans of the Veneto region
  • Superior use of Swarovski crystals in every shape and color

Details take time

The cornerstone of Sospiri eyewear is their insistence and persistence for impeccable detail work.

Once the frame itself has been made, it goes on to the embellishment stage of production.

Ornate laser work, coloration and crystal insertion required time, patience and hands that are beyond skilled and steady.