Preparing your child for an eye exam.



Preparing your child for an eye exam

Eye exams are really very easy! Preparing children (and parents) ahead of time will help make the experience relaxing and fun.

  • Pediatric exams often involve different types of tests that a parent may be used to. The testing we do is to evaluate the health of the eyes, how well they see, as well as how well they work together.
  • Talk to your child about what to expect, you can practice at home, by having them cover one eye and picking objects out in the distance.  You can practice looking at their eyes with a light, and putting in artificial tears while they are laying down. Try this with a stuffed animal.
  • There are books available that talk about glasses, which may help prepare your child.
  • There are no wrong answers or reasons to be nervous as a parent. Don’t question your child during the exam if they are not reading as good as you would expect. The doctor will know if they are making up answers or being truthful.
  • Be calm when you discuss the exam with your child, if you are nervous they will feel it. Say positive things. Refrain from saying statements like ” he/she is not going to like it” in front of your child.
  • There will be eye drops. They are really not a big deal, they may sting a little. We will have them tip their head back and close their eyes to put them in. We will be honest and explain everything we do because we want your child to trust us.
  • Bring a favorite stuffed animal if you like.
  • Try to schedule your appointment around nap time.
  • The doctor will decide which drops to use based on the childs needs during the exam. Drops will dilate the pupil and make it hard to focus up close for at least 4-5 hours, and in some cases up until the next day.
  • Let us know if you need a letter for school.
  • Don’t forget sunglasses.