Are Scleral Contact Lenses Right For You?

So, you don’t always want to wear glasses, but traditional contact lenses just don’t work for you. Either you just can’t see as well with them, or your eyes are uncomfortable and they just don’t fit you well. You may have a difficult prescription, an irregular shaped eye, or issues like dry eye that can make wearing contacts uncomfortable.

Welcome to the possibilities of scleral contact lenses!

They are fit differently: They are larger that the soft and hard contact lenses you are used to. Scleral lenses actually vault over the colored iris and sit on the sclera (the white part of the eye). Since these lenses do not touch the cornea, and they do not move very much, they are usually more comfortable than other lens options.

They are filled with fluid: When you insert the lens, you fill it with a preservative free buffered saline. This saline stays under the lens as you wear it and it helps even out any surface irregularities you may have, whether it is astigmatism, keratoconus, or post vision correction surgery. This fluid also helps to keep your eye from drying out and can be therapeutic for severe dry eye sufferers.

They are healthy: The material these lenses are made of are highly oxygen permeable, so they are healthy for you eyes. These are not a disposable type lens. These lenses can last up to a year or two if your eyes remain stable.

Your vision plan may help pay for them: If you have vision insurance, your normal contact lens benefits can be applied to these lenses. Over the course of the wear time, the cost associated with scleral lenses is not that different than soft disposable lenses.

If you are struggling with your current contacts or haven’t been able to successfully wear contacts, lets discuss this option at your next visit.

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Synergeyes Progressive lens Case #1

Synergeyes progressive lens case #1


Just to give you some background information, the Synergeyes progressive lens is a hybrid lens design, which means it has a gas permeable center surrounded by a soft lens skirt. The Benefit of this lens design is that it gives you the superior optics of a hard lens, with the comfort of a soft lens.  These lenses are a great alternative to someone who needs correction for both distance and near, but also has astigmatism that a soft multifocal may not be able to correct. They also come with a Tangible Hydra-PEG coating to increase comfort throughout the day.

So patient #1 has tried every soft multi-focal option that has crossed my desk. She is never completely happy with her vision, but always ends up going back to Biofinity Multifocals. This was my fist experience fitting this lens, and I was not really expecting a lot. She is pretty near sighted and she has mild astigmatism. Her first impression was good, they took a little practice removing them.

She called me on the way home to tell me “she could see” while driving. This seemed pretty significant that she hadn’t felt like she could see that clear with her old lenses. She has been wearing them for about four months now and is still doing great.

Want more out of your multifocal contact lenses?

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Introducing new Biofinity Energys aimed to help relieve digital eye strain


Contact lenses are like underwear

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January is Glaucoma Awareness Month

New Technology, providing a higher level of care for our patients




Our practice is committed to protecting your eye health with the most advanced technology available, and we are excited to announce that our comprehensive eye exam now includes the iWellnessExam.

The iWellnessExam is state-of-the-art technology that lets our doctors see beneath the surface of your retina, where signs of disease first appear. Traditional eye exams and retinal photography do not provide this level of detail.

Did you know…

  • Sight-threatening eye diseases often have no outward signs or symptoms in the early stages.
  • State-of-the-art technology can help your doctor see early signs of these diseases.
  • Early detection and treatment of eye disease may reduce your risk of vision loss

Regular iWellness exams can help your doctor detect common eye diseases:

  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular Degeneration


The iWellnessExam is fast, easy, and comfortable for patients of all ages and gives your doctor valuable information about the health of your eyes and your most precious gift – your sight.


Healthy Retina


Example of an iWellnessExam



Introducing New UltraHealth contact lenses for high astigmatism




UltraHealth Content LensesNow available for Keratoconus and Other Corneal Irregularities

The newest hybrid contact lens for keratoconus and other corneal irregularities is now available at our office.

UltraHealth offers a combination of vision, comfort and convenience from the most advanced hybrid contact lens. Enjoy the best of both worlds with the crisp vision of a gas permeable (GP) contact lens and the all-day comfort of a soft lens.

 Make an appointment today and see if UltraHealth is right for you!



Tired of your GP Lenses Popping Out? Try UltraHealth—The Healthy Vision Choice for Irregular Corneas. 

If you are wearing GP lenses and are tired of them popping out at unexpected times during the day, now you have another option. Ask about UltraHealth, the most advanced hybrid contact lens for patients with keratoconus or other corneal irregularities. Experience consistently clear vision, all-day comfort and hassle-free wear.   With the advanced design of UltraHealth contact lenses, you can enjoy the crisp vision of a gas permeable (GP) contact lens and the all-day comfort of a soft lens. The soft part of the lens comfortably holds the lens in the eye and keeps it from popping out unexpectedly.


Are you tired of getting annoying dirt or debris under your GP lenses?  Try UltraHealth—The Healthy Vision Choice for Irregular Corneas.


There are thousands of people who have switched to UltraHealth that are in professions or have leisure activities where they are around a lot of dirt or debris.  Whether you play sports, ride a bike or a motorcycle, are in construction or just don’t like the feel of debris in your eyes, UltraHealth may be right for you.  If you are wearing GP lenses and cringe at the thought of getting debris in your eye, now you have another option. With UltraHealth contact lenses, you can enjoy the crisp vision of a gas permeable (GP) contact lens and the all-day comfort of a soft lens. The soft part of the lens keeps the debris out and the lens in.  


“I’m in Heaven with These UltraHealth lenses” 

“I have been working for my company in-house for the past year due to struggles with my vision, but I really missed the freedom that came from being out on the road. UltraHealth lenses are so good I am going to ask to go back to my previous role as a truck driver. I’m in heaven with these lenses.”

Daniel, CA


“I can see a baseball in the air with my UltraHealth Lenses!”

“In June I got my very own pair of UltraHealth contact lenses and they are amazing!  They increase my regular vision by three times. I can do a lot more things now that I can see better. I can see a baseball in the air, cars coming down the street, the time on the TV and I can also see a lot more things that I couldn’t see before thanks to UltraHealth contact lenses.

It’s a blessing to be able to see considering the condition my eyes are in. I’m glad someone came up with UltraHealth lenses because there are a lot of people out there with their eyes in the same condition as mine. I just hope whoever needs them like I did should be introduced to UltraHealth contact lenses.”

Michael H., PA, Age 15


Make an appointment today and see if UltraHealth is right for you!