Medical or Vision Plan

Is the reason for your visit Routine?

A healthy patient routine vision exam is done yearly to check for vision changes, to screen for eye disease and to make sure your eyeglass and contact lens Rx is up to date. This would include a refraction to measure your vision prescription, a dilated retinal exam and a variety of other tests. Your vision plan will be billed.

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If you are presenting to our office with a medical complaint, injury, infection, inflammation or chronic eye disease, we will file your eye examination to your medical insurance carrier. You will be responsible for applicable co-pays, deductibles and refraction. We can still check you for the need for glasses or contact lenses even though we are evaluating a medical problem.

Please note for patients with chronic diseases

Medical plans, instead of vision plans, will be billed for patients in which our doctors are managing chronic medical problems such as

  • diabetic patients who need a diabetic retinal examination.
  • glaucoma
  • macular degeneration
  • dry eye syndrome

You may still use your vision plans for eye glasses or contact lenses. Vision plans are not designed to cover examinations where a higher level of medical decision making is required.

Huge deductible?  No vision plan?  No health insurance?

We are a provider for Care Credit payment plans which can provide NO-INTEREST financing for up to 12 months. Get an instant, on-line approval before your appointment by clicking the link below. You can also give our office a call and let us do the work! We can take the information over the phone and get you approved before you arrive for your appointment.